Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Bouquet

The summer sun is blistering hot, but I enjoy taking a few minutes to run outside and clip some summer flowers for the table. 

Let's see today I gathered: Shasta Daisy, Purple Coneflower, Dwarf Zinnias, Catmint, and Honeysuckle.

While I was out there I noticed the sunflowers and weeds are completely out of control in the backyard.  Somehow weeding is not as much fun.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer Garage Sale Projects

My kids are getting stir crazy and starting to drive me crazy so it was time to dig in a craft bucket and find some projects we've been waiting to do.  Odds and ends we have picked up at garage sales.  They each found something to do with very little coaching by mom.  Yahoo!

One chose an MC Escher inspired fish puzzle (I'll teach him about Escher later)... 
a parrot by the boy always looking for "birdies"...and a rainbow suncatcher by my rainbow boy.  Remember those suncatchers from when you were a kid and you melt the little crystals together?  
My project: reading as many novels as I possibly can for one summer week.  One Julie Garwood and two Lori Copeland.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Family Reunion

On the 100th anniversary of my mom's farm, we celebrated in the afternoon with clay pigeon shooting, archery, and a nice family visit. Followed in the evening with a campfire, and an obscene amount of fireworks. Sparklers and family photos rounded things off around midnight. Luckily, we were on our way home when the torrents of rain started which is a very good thing because the picture above would just not have been the same in the pouring rain.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

St Francis Gets a Facelift

Cement statues can look a bit boring and grey so for a long time I've thought my St. Francis statue needed some enhancement. Then I saw a show on PBS's "For Your Home" and knew exactly what I wanted to do! A guest on the show demonstrated how to age your statue and harmonize it with your garden. I went right to work...
I started with a very light brush of white acrylic paint on the highlights. Then comes the part I would never think of: dirt. You add dirt to the creases and crevices with a touch of the white paint, which is no longer white when you poke the dirt into the recess of the statue.

At first my kids were content to watch me, but before I knew it they had taken over the dirt part. Gotta love a project that involves art, gardening, and kids!

Has anyone tried brushing on buttermilk to encourage moss? I wasn't sure about that one.