Friday, April 22, 2011

Jewels of the Bible Enhanced Cross

My mom took one of the crosses I've made and added her swarovski crystals to match the Jewels mentioned in the Book of Revelation (Rev 21:19-20).  

This week I read a book she recommended called "Heaven is for Real".  It is a quick read sharing the words of a young boy who says he went to heaven during surgery years ago. He's only a year older than one of my sons, and I remember what I was doing with my young sons while their young son was dangerously ill.

Mom said she actually started the crystals on the cross before she read the book, but what a coincidence to another reference to the jewels.  I took the photos on Holy Thursday, and finally got it listed on Etsy on Good Friday.   

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


You get a lot of bang for your buck with daffodils.  They start in March here and are still going strong in April.  I planted the original ones from Brecks six years ago, since then I've divided them and they are still doing great.

Growing up I was pretty oblivious about flowers.  I knew tulips and roses but that was about it.  Driving back and forth to to my college is when I first noticed yellow flowers on the farms I would pass, and I thought, rather vaguely, they must be daffodils.  They were!  Their bright spots of color still warm up my spring days and bring a smile to my face.  Here's some of my daffodils with a few tulips and a ring of small grape hyacinth around the tree.  I love being able to look out on them from my front window.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Civil War Days at Mahaffie Stage Coach Stop

Today the boys got to see Civil War uniforms, bedrolls, and various tools.  Below two girls are folding up the "dog tent" which was carried by two soldiers, put together and shared, but it wasn't big enough to keep a dog dry.    
The kids listened to a letter from a "primary source" - a Civil War soldier's letter home.  Then they got to write their own letter home with old fashioned pens.

Eight soldiers were involved in loading a cannon.  Here DS is in charge of the box with the artillery in it.  His sole job was to open and close the box at the opportune time.  Below is the blank the kids prepared.  The ground shook when he demonstrated the "real thing".  Wow.  Loud and smoky.
Stage coach ride had nothing to do with the Civil War, but it is a great thing to do at a historic stage coach stop nonetheless. 

The kids did a good job learning to line up and march in formation.  The shorter ones in front because of the logistics of having someone with a gun right behind you.  If they had to shoot you would want to be as low as possible.
A demonstration of loading the gun.

All in all, a great experience.  I want to dress up in period costumes, too!