Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Echinacea Flower Essence

Today I tried making my own flower essence! It was easy and fun. My purple coneflower has just come into bloom so it would make a good flower essence - at least according to "The New Encyclopedia of Flower Remedies". I've used Bach Flower Remedies for many years since a co-worker introduced me to the gentle power of Bach, but this was the first time I made my own.

It was the right time of day so I grabbed a glass bowl, filled it with filtered water and cut the blooms to rest in the sun bathed water for 3-4 hours. I even set my timer so I wouldn't forget about it. Inside I strained it and put the infused water in a glass container with a lid, filled it with equal parts apple cider vinegar since I have it on hand. Next time I may go get the traditional brandy, but I don't know the last time I had alcohol in my house.

Now I'm going to try using it in my morning juice to help rebalance my body.


  1. It was so nice seeing your name pop up on my sidebar this morning. Good to see you back! I've enjoyed reading your recent creative posts during my visit. Love the window and the money tree and the gargoyle and the flower essence...have I missed any or could I say enjoyed 'em all!!

    Are you on hols from homeschool then?

  2. Thanks! I feel like I'm returning after a long needed break.