Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Transom window

The full transom window laid out

This is what I call the "jigsaw puzzle" stage

I'm on the finishing stages of a transom window and I can't wait to see it installed!  The window will be in their kitchen, but it's open to the dining and living room, too.  It's my own design created specifically for this couple so I've only seen in in my head and in my preliminary drawings.

The colors were picked to go with her favorite color of blue, and his favorite of red.   The gray and white are to keep in simple, not overpowering to enhance their living space without overpowering.  And besides, they love the neutrals, too.


  1. Ooh gosh...can't wait to see the finished window. Be sure to take lots of pics and post. It really looks like it's going to be beautiful. Lynn