Thursday, September 8, 2011

Creative Play

My youngest son loves his stuffed animal birds that make the same bird call as their live counterparts.  (Now if only we could remember the names of the birds we could then identify birds when they come chirping in our yard...) 

One day, he asked to borrow a camera so he could take photos of his beloved birds in a tree out back.  He and his brother spent quite a bit of time positioning them in a tree and photographing them from different angles.  I love it!

During the dog days of summer the boys took a bunch of thick black paper clips and made their own creations.  They would clip them together in different ways to make monsters, men, vehicles, get the idea.  They keep surprising me with all the new things they come with to use the clips.  

Finally, the best form of play of all, running around in the rain.  Priceless.


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