Friday, August 7, 2009

Vinegar Rocket Fun

Sometimes the simplest things in life bring joy. Simple things like vinegar and baking soda. In the past we've done many volcanoes, a bomb, and a few experiments.

This afternoon, my oldest son was reading Chemistry to his little brothers (Yay he reads it now!). It must have the directions for a rocket in there, because they came running to me wanting to do a rocket. This nifty book even provided the ballon. I highly recommend the Science Wiz series, Penny Norman is the author of the Chemistry book/kit. Appropriate for ages 5-10. They've enjoyed learning the facts and doing the activities.

Sometimes I forget to take the simple things around me and put them together to make new magical creations. My boys ran around straightening up and did their chores quickly in order to do a good-ole vinegar and baking soda rocket.

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