Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Real Treasure: Fly Lady

This is what I cleared OUT of one cabinet today.

Have you ever been to flylady.net? I have no idea where she got the name, but I love the woman all the same. Over the years she has taught me how to clean and organize my house with a simple no-nonsense system. I can't say her system makes it all fun, but it does make my house clean, organized, and a pleasure to live in. In theory, anyway.

Today is Tuesday, and in my adaption of her system - I clean the kitchen on Tuesday. If all goes as planned, which it hardly ever does, I do basic maintenance and one special project in the kitchen each Tuesday. This afternoon my two youngest children matched lids to cups and plastic containers for me. All else goes!
At our house: Monday is bathrooms (most important to have clean, and gets the yuckiest done first), Tuesday is kitchen/dining, Wednesday is bedrooms, Thursday is basement, and Friday is the living room.

Here's what the one cabinet now looks like without all the extras we don't ever use.


  1. Lookin' good!! I've been meaning to visit the wonderful Flylady, and you've inspired me. Maybe when we get back from hols!

  2. Such a great idea! One special project each day. I think I need two days for the basement. LOL

  3. That's what so great - if you do one special project each week in the basement then by the end of the month you've done FOUR projects in the basement! It's Wednesday, so today we are doing our bedrooms. Guess I should pull a few more clothes I don't wear anymore while I'm straightening up. See how easy it is?

  4. I love flylady! I got hooked on her a few years ago and then I felt the clutter build up again. I still have a few good habits from her, wearing shoes and making myself presentable, and doing my laundry.I still need to work on my hotspots! Cute blog and blog name. Love it. Thanks for following my blog. I will follow yours too!