Friday, September 4, 2009

Garage Sale Treasure

It always amazes me when the simplest things continue to bring me pleasure. A few weeks ago I bought this mortar and pestle at a garage sale for a dollar. From time to time I've wanted to crush something over the years - but mostly I just thought it was cool.

It's been on my kitchen window sill and each time I see them there it reminds me of simple times, doing things for yourself, and the beauty of practical objects made of wood. It just wouldn't be the same in plastic, huh?


  1. Totally agree. I have an old Indonesian stone one on my bench for the same reasaon - just to look pretty!! I store garlic and ginger on mine. (on not in - mine is flat.)

  2. hi lisa ~ i can see how attracted you are to this beautiful piece ... it is truly a treasure ~ wonderfully crafted with a warm patina ... never to be found in plastic for sure! when looking for a recipe for supper this evening, i was drawn to a pesto sauce that was being created with a mortar and pestle ~ i am so with you in how it conjures up the loveliest thoughts of 'doing it yourself' ~ pressing, grinding to the perfect consistency! smiling with you on this charming find!

  3. Beautilful pestle and mortar, I have a wooden one and a marble one and I love them :)