Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chives on a Sandwich

Have you ever had cream cheese and chives on your sandwich? It's surprisingly good. I mean almost divine. Last week we accidentally bought cream cheese with chives in it, and I discovered:

Cream cheese and chives on a sandwich - makes it taste like a sandwich you would pay good $ for in an upscale sandwich shoppe. Full disclosure: I did add some light mayo, too. I made this sandwich everyday until we ran out of turkey.

Cream cheese with chives tastes real good in a baked potato - makes it taste like a twice baked potato, especially with cheese sprinkled on top.

Now I can't wait for my chives to pop up in the garden...I'm going to be adding fresh chives to all kinds of new things. In fact, I'm making tuna noodle casserole for dinner and my husband likes chives in it, maybe I'll need to go out in the backyard and see if we have any chives.


  1. It sounds great for baked potatoes ... hmmm! Have to try this.

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  2. that sandwich looks truly DELICIOUS. oh for good sliced turkey... I saw some of your creations and they are BEAUTIFUL! I saw on THL that you use AO and hope we can connect! Visit me at my place anytime at:


    amy in peru