Friday, May 22, 2009

My first mosaic

It's amazing how things can evolve and come full circle.  As I move things around and clear out clutter, I am also finding all kinds of things that I am repurposing for my life now.  And yet they are absolutely perfect.

The rocking chair in my art studio is the same one in my nursery as a child, the same one I sat in and rocked out in as a teen, nursed my own babies in, and now pause and reflect in my art studio.

I also found the junior high paper mosaic I did using hole punch dots of construction paper - it's a copy of Renoir's Little Girl with a Watering Can.  I'm not sure if that's it's official name, but that's what I call the painting in my mind.  Renoir was my favorite artist as a child, and still one that speaks to my heart.  Still my all time favorite.  Pierre August Renoir was a French Impressionist.  I took 5 years of french because of him! Come to think of it my middle son's name is Augustus.  Humm.
My grandparents framed that picture and put it up in their guest bedroom for many years, and as they passed on I now have the picture, framed in their yellow metal (or is it plastic?) frame.   It doesn't matter.  I'm keeping it - it reminds me of them, and I have it up in my art studio across from my soldering station.   I would never have imagined it would be up in my art studio when I was an adult.  

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