Friday, August 5, 2011

The Hidden Blessing

Playing "Conquest of the Empire"
I'm a firm believer every situation brings an opportunity for good.  It doesn't make the situation good by any means, but life "is what it is" and if you make the most of it...well, at a minimum it's more endurable.  

Each person has their own "Caesar" and empire to build
While Shawn recovered from surgery he played several board games with the boys to regain his stamina.  This was a blessing for the boys, as well as Shawn,  who all enjoy playing strategy games.  

These games also expose the boys to geography and history.  My 7yo ds can't wait to begin our studies of Ancient History this fall.  He already loves Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome because of the games he's played, books he's read, and documentaries he's watched. 

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