Monday, June 8, 2009

Childhood Memories

Yesterday we did some clearing out in our storage room, and I found some old papers from when I was a child that made me smile.  My mom has most of the pictures I did as a kid, but I have a folder filled with Lisa creative stuff.  All things I made as a kid: house plans, mazes, maps, a and a start to a novel.  It brings back memories of losing myself in creativity.

My favorite was a "country" I made up, wrote a report on like it was real, and made a dozen or so maps of - political boundaries, urban centers, etc.  You can tell I read the World Book quite a bit, because my country has the information you would find in an encyclopedia entry.  I found out my Grandpa read an entire set of encyclopedias when he was a kid, and I think I was trying to do the same.   

I put it all back in a storage tub, but the memories continue to make me smile.


  1. Were you homeschooled as a child? If not, you were definitely cut out for it at an early age.

  2. No I was not homeschooled, but I should've been. Can you believe it was really hard for me to learn to read? Raymond and Dorothy Moore's books really hit home for me.