Saturday, June 13, 2009

Starfire Stained Glass

I just posted one of my quilt-like stained glass piece, my husband named it. I liked the name because the red does seem fiery from across the room.

Now, how to take pictures of stained glass?!? I think that's going to take some time and maneuvering.

First, I really need to go to my mom's farm where there are trees...and no toys or swing sets. Her house could be good for nice window shots, but storm clouds are rolling in so I didn't haul glass over there today.

I'd also like some clean shots like in a photo box - but stained glass needs to be backlit to really see the colors. I'm on a mission now. I need something big and sturdy to hold stained glass, with lot's of light, and an option for backlighting. Either a box, or a draped set up out back. I have nice north side lighting in my backyard.

I did a light can I come up with a stained glass photography set up?


  1. I know what you mean but this pic looks great!

  2. Thanks, I'm a perfectionist so I always like to make things better.