Saturday, June 27, 2009

1200 digital photos and no shots of me and my husband

I'm appalled. Today is our 17th anniversary, and I thought it would be nice to post a picture of my husband, Shawn and I. There's just one problem: we have no digital photos of just the two of us. There are no photos of the 5 of us for that matter. My mom and dad have taken photos of us, but always with their camera. We need to do something about that, starting today.

My oldest son isn't the least artistic, but when he take photos, here's the kind he takes. So now I think he's going to start learning how to take some photos of his family (and his parents in particular). I'm sure he'll be thrilled if I let him loose with the camera.

He's at his first swim meet today with Shawn, while the other two water our garden out back. Really they water each other and the plants are lucky if they get some water splashed on them.

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