Thursday, July 2, 2009

Quilt Pattern in Stained Glass

As I prepare for some craft fairs and farmer's markets my mom recommended a lower price point for some stained glass items. I'm not into cheesy suncatchers so trying to come up with something small, unique, fun, and reasonable to do was a huge challenge. So I walked around the house brainstorming.

Since I don't sew it's odd that I happen to have 4 books on quilts/quilting on my bookshelves. They have folded corners, post it notes, and notes tucked throughout. I had big dreams of lap quilting. Only problem: I didn't like doing it.

Solution to current dilemma: small quilt squares in stained glass conveniently using up my glass scraps. Hurray! It worked. I created my first two yesterday, and after this I'm headed down to my studio to finish "Garden Glen". Don't you love the quilt square name? I'm keeping the name for my stained glass.


  1. Great solution! I'm not much of a sewer either. I'm more of a writer.

  2. Thank you. They are simple, but they make my heart happy.