Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Madonna of the Prairie

Last night, as were weaving our way across Kansas we drove by the statue "Madonna of the Prairie" in Council Grove, KS. I hopped out and took a picture because last week my mom had sent me an email regarding Madonna of the Prairie. What a coincidence!  We hadn't planned to drive this route; it just happened.

There are seven copies of this statue in the world - it is a tribute to pioneer women and their trip out West. Council Grove is along the Sante Fe Trail, I believe, and it has several fun landmarks like this.  I'll stop at another one next time, and maybe I'll take a picture of the covered wagon mural on the side of the grocery store.

I also enjoyed these architectural embellishments on the top of a former high school in Salina, Ks. I love the Art Deco flavor to the 1915 school building

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