Saturday, July 25, 2009

Surprise Pictures

Are you ever surprised by what turns up in your picture once you view it on the computer? After cleaning the entire backyard, how did a beat up box end up in one of my photos? (Hint: look in the midst of the plant containers)

This week I was exasperated to see my son in several shots where I had not intended to find him. Getting good photos for etsy listings is always a challenge: I was so busy getting a close up of the stained glass panel, making sure flash is off, and the macro on...I didn't even notice a little boy going down the slide.

You gotta laugh. He will only be going down the slide for a few years, and this time is precious. That said, I asked him to go hide in the clubhouse for the retakes.

1 comment:

  1. I definitely know the struggles of getting everything just right for your shot. Surprise photos can turn out to be a cherished treasure. Your son on the slide is a sweet moment!

    Love your echinacea photos:)